Pratt Institute

Working in historic buildings is never an easy task but Molten Mechanical passed this test with flying colors. Pratt Institute was losing tens of thousands of dollars per year in steam costs. By replacing failed steam traps in a campus-wide program Molten Mechanical has helped Pratt Institute put that money back into student programs. Our innovative solutions and industry partners helped us to maintain the integrity and look of the historically important steam distribution system and got the job done!

NYC Department of Education

The Edward R. Murrow High School building covers an entire city block and educates 4,000 students. Steam is a critical utility as it is used daily for both heating and cooking purposes. Molten Mechanical has provided needed repairs and upgrades to the physical plant. In 2004 MMMW replaced the #6 fuel oil preheaters for the main boiler plant. Although #6 oil has been phased out the steam plant remains in operation while burning #2 fuel oil and natural gas. In 2015 MMMW was called back to replace the decrepit vacuum pump with a newer model. Critical scheduling called for us to complete this work while the students were off for the Christmas and New Year holidays. The job went off without a hitch. The plant was put back on-line in three days and the students never knew anything was amiss. A+ for Molten Mechanical!